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Smartscout was created by Scott Needham. he used it to grow his illustrious Amazon company, which now offers more than 300,000 items. Source captures data from within Amazon. This app has tools that you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s learn about it with me.

What is SmartScout?

SmartScout is a product research tool for Amazon that takes it to another level. It especially stands out for its ability to find brands and potential suppliers for your business and for the variety of features that, honestly, are not seen in other tools of its competition.

  • Seller Map
  • Brand Search
  • Subcategories
  • Traffic Graph
  • Seller Search
  • Product Database
  • Private Label FBA Calculator
  • AdSpy
  • Excel Exports
  • Product History
  • Seller Exports/ Growth Filters
  • Out of Stock Arbitrage Finder
  • MarketShare Analyzer
  • Priority Onboarding
  • UPC Scanner

Smartscout group buy

Why should you use Smartscout?

  • There are tools in this software that you will not see anywhere else. Their FBA Calculator tells you what exactly needs to change with a product as far as size and weight in order to be put in a cheaper tier. This is invaluable for private label sellers.
  • Their traffic graph will show you how many people saw your products and where that traffic came from. This tells you which products to focus on with advertising and what is most important to stock.
  • The traffic flow map will show what products are usually suggested by Amazon as an “also bought with” product. This can help tremendously with possible bundles and also which other products to target so your ad shows up on their page.
  • With the subcategories tool, you can quickly scan all the subcategories within any category on Amazon using SmartScout’s intuitive file directory system. Perform in-depth analyses of products and brands on Amazon within similar or related subcategories so you can expand your product offerings

Who should use SmartScout?

SmartScout is used by Amazon Wholesale and Retailers, Amazon Private Label Sellers, and Amazon Service Providers.

What does your Amazon business need?

  • Brands

Target the best brands for wholesale and online arbitrage with SmartScout’s brand filters. Then explore the products or sellers of each one.

  • Products

Access Smartscout’s robust product database on its own or within our Brands, Categories, & Subcategories tools. Then filter for exactly what you need.

  • Traffic

Understand your prospective customers’ buying journey and advertise on the Amazon pages where they are most likely to see your products.

  • Sellers

Discover hundreds of Amazon businesses that need your services with Smart Scout’s unique Seller database and Seller Map.

What does Smartscout offer?

  • Brands for wholesale and online arbitrage

The secret to selling on Amazon is brands. And with Smart Scout, you can easily find wholesale-friendly brands with potential instead of wasting your time on the products that brands sell themselves.

  • View anything within any subcategory

Explore the world of Amazon’s subcategories with the only tool created to traverse them. With Smart Scout’s new category directory system, you can research the brands, products, and sellers within any subcategory.

  • Advertise private label where it counts

Identify which pages your competitors are getting the bulk of their traffic from with the “frequently bought together” section of related products. Then boost traffic to your products by advertising on those pages.

  • Know the sellers you want to work with

Target the Amazon sellers that meet your business’s criteria. Then learn everything about their businesses before you reach out. Smart Scout shows you their key metrics, product offerings, and brand coverage.

  • Never compete with Amazon again

Less Amazon means more profits for you. So Smart Scout provides an Amazon In Stock Rate filter with its research tools to effortlessly eliminate the brands and products closely tied to the big A.

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A few outstanding features take Smart scout to the next level. Again, we want to emphasize how great the flowchart is as a concept. And as an important additional strategic value. Well, listening to this, you must have wanted to buy it right away, right? Buy now at Smartscout group buy to get cheaper price than ever. Thank you for reading our Smartscout review!

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