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Influspy is a tool to help identify the best influencers and products in your market. Influspy analyzes over 100,000 Instagram and Snapchat stories every day to help you identify and connect with the best influencers in over 30 markets and find the most profitable product at the moment.

What is Influspy?

Influspy or influ Spy is a French tool for finding successful influencers, links, and products of the stores they promote on Instagram. Using this tool, you will quickly find successful niches through discovery stores and find your future influencer partners on Instagram.

  • All influencers
  • All stores
  • Live INSTAGRAM and SNAPCHAT placements
  • Influencer analysis
  • Influ Feed: unlimited
  • Similar influencers
  • Profitability analysis
  • Audience analysis
  • Stories of registered investments (even + 24h)
  • Unlimited personalized lists
  • Mass mailing of influencers
  • CSV export
  • Filters according to influencer audience
  • Advanced niche analyzes

Influspy group buy

Why should you use Influspy?

InfluSpy gives you a daily inventory of all the products that influencers wear thanks to statistics that allow you to track the most successful products on a daily basis. In addition, InfluSpy also makes it possible to identify which influencers are most successful at a given time. In a few clicks, you can see how many product placements the influencer has booked and for which brand(s).

What investments and influencers are analyzed?

They analyze the eCommerce investments of thousands of French and international market influencers, to get the best view of the entire market. Each time you open the app, you get a quick look at the most active influencers and stores. If you want to track influencers that they don’t already have in your database, simply add them via the “Add Influencers” tab and they’ll be added to your analytics.

How to search for shops and products from Instagram influencers?

Surely you want to find competing stores and products through Instagram. Maybe your competitor is advertising in a niche that appeals to you and you want to get inspired by their products and dropshipping stores. All of this can be done manually but would waste days if not weeks.

Fortunately, a new French-speaking tool, Influ Spy, makes it easy to find these elements. View for my main. Influspy is a member of Instagram! In a few mouse clicks we will find influencers offering products in dropshipping or e-commerce, for Shopify store, prestashop or woocommerce.

Who should use Influspy?

Influ spy is for marketers and business owners looking for Influciers to promote their products.

What does Influspy offer you?

Influ Spy has many features to grow your influencer marketing. Search for influencers – No more headaches Influ Spy analyzes no less than 100,000 stories per day, allowing among other things:

Identify the most prominent trends: use a high-performance filter system depending on the category: sports, beauty, diet, etc. The tool thus avoids positioning itself in descending niches; To find influencers across more than 26 markets: 5,100 “stories” of influencers have been analyzed to date; To contact these influencers directly: this tool makes it possible to identify an influencer who has been successful with the same goal. To do this, the influencer’s email address is provided to Influ Spy customers.

  • Search by search criteria
  • Search by similar brands
  • Analysis of each influencer – Bye-Bye HypeAuditor
  • Influ Spy begins by providing you with “public information”
  • Object analysis
  • Break Even Analysis – The Best Part of Influ Spy
  • Competitive analysis
  • Find products with Influ Spy
  • Find a product directly
  • Find a product with store analytics

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In conclusion, this is an excellent opportunity to find Winners products in direct marketing! Influ Spy will become one of the essential tools for successful direct marketing and optimizing their operations, especially influencer marketing on Instagram! What are you waiting for, buy now at Influspy group buy to receive the most attractive offers. Thank you for reading our Influspy review!

You will get: Influspy Business (Shared account)

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