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i just purchased a product from rankmarket, who have send me after login information to use the tool to your site. It looks like rankmarket is just reseller.

I try to contact them, but any time i send an email, i get blocked by there email server. I try to send from other emails but didnt have hear from them yet.

So now i try here.

In the product description of the product it was written, "ACCESS = Individual". Which usually means you get a subaccount. There was no word about imnuke and that i need to download a program to acces my product.

I dont want to download something. Just not happen. So my question:

1. Are all you products the same? Can they only acces via the extra program? I have also buy an account from another group, and there is no need for an program, just direct subaccount or direct via standard browser.

2. If not all products from you are the same, can i geta refund on this one and use the refund on one of your other products, which dont need to download an ekstra program?

I hope somebody is ready to help me here.