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Today I would like to introduce to everyone ContextMinds. What if you had a digital whiteboard with AI-generated keyword suggestions, so you could organize all your ideas in one place? Join me to learn about the tool that makes it easy for you to do that.

What is ContextMinds?

ContextMinds helps you visually organize your content ideas and AI-generated keyword suggestions. With this tool, you can use a virtual whiteboard to organize your content ideas into mind maps, outlines, and boards.

  • Unlimited private maps
  • AI idea generation
  • Generate relevant and related keywords
  • Unlimited topic and keyword lookups per month
  • Unlimited web and AI article suggestions per month
  • Unlimited AI-generated paragraph topics per month
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Why should you use ContextMinds?

ContextMinds, a relatively new concept mapping tool, is based on a different paradigm: it utilizes AI to suggest a variety of fresh ideas and concepts. It helps writers through the entire creative process – from brainstorming their ideas to organizing, nurturing and developing them into complete visual outlines.

What can you do with ContextMinds?

  • Keyword search volume is now visible directly on the keyword in the map – so you can see it also in PDF export.
  • You can sort related keywords by search volume or ranking difficulty.
  • Drag & drop notes or research results directly to the map. That’s my favorite new feature that gives you much more ease and flexibility. Any web or other result can be made visible on the canvas, so you can now, for example, easily map competitors’ websites.
  • See all notes pinned to all the keywords in one list and add general notes to your map. You no longer have to click through all the concepts to browse your notes!
  • You can paste up to 10.000 characters (about 2000 words) into a single note – we have removed the former restrictive limit.
  • Apart from copy&pasting, you can now bulk-import keywords from a CSV.
  • Speaking about imports, also export is improved.
  • Text export now outputs HTML: much easier to copy and paste into Word or Google doc.
  • For easier sharing, maps can be embedded as iframes into HTML. So you can import them dynamically into other websites or systems like Notion.

What are the benifits of using ContextMinds?

Find the most relevant related keywords

  • As you add topics to your content map, the AI suggests the most relevant related keywords.
  • It’s like having a brainstorming partner that knows the entire internet.

Create a content map while you research

  • Drag, drop, arrange and connect ideas as you get them.
  • From a single article to an entire content strategy, creating a content outline couldn’t be easier.

Your personal ideas library

  • Based on your chosen topics, related keywords and connections, ContextMinds builds an AI-powered library of your content ideas.
  • This helps you quickly access past ideas, and allows the tool to generate even more relevant suggestions.

Beat writer’s block with AI

  • Organize your thoughts with quick and easy content maps.
  • If you get stuck for ideas, ContextMinds will make helpful suggestions on any topic.

Give users what they’re looking for

  • Topic suggestions are based on the most common search terms.
  • ContextMinds helps you answer users’ questions, and appear higher in search results.

One tool to rule them all

  • ContextMinds lets you research, brainstorm, plan and visualize your content ideas all in the one place.

ContextMinds is ready to brainstorm when you are

  • Start generating ideas when inspiration strikes – wherever you are, on whichever device.

More than just keywords

  • Let the AI generate texts that become seeds for a new pieces of content or a source of inspiration for a future writing project.

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In conclusion, ContextMinds offers writers an expanding toolset that provides much more value than random topic generators and SEO-focused topic research and suggestion tools. If you’re looking for a way to inject fresh ideas and approaches into your writing, why not give ContextMinds a try? I recommend you buy now at our ContextMinds group buy to get the best tool and many other great deals waiting for you. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

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