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Massively Scale Your Next Pop Advertising Campaign With Anstrex Pops Spy Tool. Closely Guarded Secrets of Pop Advertising Revealed. Continue to follow my article to learn more about this product.

What is Anstrex Pops?

Get Access To Hidden Successful Campaigns. Accurate Campaigns Revealed Via Real Mobile Devices. Data Obtained Using 130+ Mobile Carriers. Awesome Landing Page Ripping Tool

  • 32+Pop Ad Networks
  • Data from 92 Countries
  • Data From Mobile Devices
  • 850+ Mobile Carriers
  • Landing Page Ripper
  • Advanced Search & Filtering
  • Competitor Alerts
  • Data Filters
  • Keyword Search
  • Affiliate NetworkDetection
  • Scraping Method
  • Data Accuracy
  • Save/Recall Search
  • Landing Page Tools
  • CPC Bid History
  • Advanced Boolean Searching
  • Alerts on Competitors
Anstrex Pops
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Why should you use Anstrex Pops?

Get Insights into Your Competitors’ Ad Campaigns from 32 Pop Ad Networks. Future of Pop Ads Spying is Here. Our pop ads spy tool is light years ahead of the competition. Stay tuned to see what features this tool has that sets it apart from other tools.

What makes Anstrex Pops different?

  • Real Devices Not Emulators
    We use real mobile and desktop devices to obtain the data. It is the ONLY way to get the most accurate pop ads data.
  • Real Mobile Carrier IP Addresses
    We use mobile IP address from over 850+ carriers across the globe to scrape pop ads targeted towards mobile cellular traffic.
  • Landing Pages Scraped Instantly
    We fully scrape landing pages when the ad is observed for the first time to avoid landing page cloakers.
  • Multitude of Filters & Sorting Options
    Filter ads quickly by using various filters such as Ad-network, Category, Country, Device, Affiliate Network, Tracking Tools etc. Sort the ads by popularity, duration, dates etc.
  • Landing Page Keyword Searches
    You can search any text on the landing page using our keyword search option to precisely find the ads you are looking for.
  • Boolean Searching
    More advanced searching expressions can be constructed using our boolean logic and stored for future use.
  • Best Ripping Tool
    Landing pages are accurately ripped. No more cloaked pages!
  • Edit and Customize Ripped Pages
    We provide a fully featured HTML editor for you to customize ripped pages
  • Rapid Deployment on Server
    Upload your customized lander directly on your server via FTP or deploy it on AWS S3 bucket. No need to download anything on your PC!
  • See What Works
    We scrape from tens of thousands of publishers to give you a complete picture of which targets are working for advertisers
  • Ad Network Insights
    We also try to accurately identify the ad-network associated with each ad for further insights
  • Affiliate Campaign Identification
    Every link on the landing page is analyzed to identify affiliate offers to allow our users to focus on +ROI producing affiliate campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which native ad networks do you support?

We cover 32+ Ad Networks in Anstrex Pops tool. Here is the complete list:

  • AdCash, AdExtrem, AdMaven, AdRight, AdSupply, Adeum, AdsCompass, AdsTerra, Bidvertiser, Clickadu, DaoAd, EZMob, ExoClick, HillTopAds, Kadam, MellowAds, PPCBuzz, PopAds, PopCash, PopMyAds, PopUnder, PropellerAds, PusHub, RichAds, RollerAds, SelfAdvertiser, ShowCaseAds, TeaserMedia, TrafMag, TrafficClub, TrafficHunt, TrafficStars, ZeroPark

Can your tool help with landing pages?

Absolutely, our landing page tools are second to none ! Using our tool, you can:

  • Rip any landing page
  • Customize it using our inline WYSIWYG landing page editor
  • Upload/Deploy the landing page either on AWS or your server using FTP

There is no need to download any landing pages on your PC. You can directly deploy your pages using our tool

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The Anstrex platform has created a competitive edge to enable stronger buyers in the native advertising landscape. It deserves to be one of the best market research tools for pop advertising campaign. I recommend you buy it now at our Anstrex Pops group buy to own the best tool at the cheapest price. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

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